Frequently Asked Questions

Athlete Reserve is an engagement platform that connects college athletes with sponsorship opportunities through local businesses in their town. Likewise, we grant businesses the opportunity to reserve athletes for their various marketing needs, whether social media posts, meet and greets, autograph signings, or ambassador programs, you name it!


We value athletes and local business and their presence in our communities. Through Athlete Reserve, we help you support one another.

NIL is commonly seen as the acronym for name, image, and likeness. According to the NCAA’s interim regulation, college athletes can now utilize their name, image, and likeness for commercial and promotional purposes without affecting their eligibility within the university.

You can sign up here as an athlete or a business. We will verify your profile based on the provided information.

It’s free to sign up! Athletes list their ideal acceptance amount. Businesses list their preferred budget. Athletes always receive 100% of the agreed-upon reservation. We charge businesses a 20% transaction fee for every accepted reservation.

We connect you with college athletes that match your criteria based on your form. Our team will contact you to ensure we have the correct details for your campaign. Upon receiving a match via email, you will have 48 hours to agree to communicate with and reserve the athlete.

Keep an eye on your inbox! We connect you with businesses that match your criteria based on your profile preferences. Upon receiving the opportunity brief via email, you will have 48 hours to agree to communicate with and negotiate terms for the opportunity.

We strive to keep relevant businesses and industries available for all athletes, but there’s not always an immediate fit. Try broadening your preferences within your profile to see more opportunities.

We strive to keep athletes from various sports and universities available, but there’s not always an immediate fit. We will discuss the details with you after you fill out the form.

We hold all funds in escrow until the completion of the reservation. We will keep an active eye on all campaigns, but please contact us immediately if the athlete does not fulfill the contract.